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Shadow Amulets

You can insert Shadow Amulets ( SA ), into any item.

Creating Shadow Amulet

  • To create Shadow Amulet, You need either all 3parts or whole amulet. ( Drop/Buy from vendor )
  • If you have 3parts, you need to combine them in Crafting Chest.(Vendor at demonville).

Inserting Shadow Amulet

  1. After you get whole shadow amulet, Visit Mr.Meroido's Shop at Agardon - Northwest District
  2. There, you can insert Shadow amulet into item for the price of 300 000gp.
  3. if you fail DC roll( roll 1 ), you loose shadow amulet. You can prevent it by using Voucher from vendor at smugglers camp)

Removing Shadow Amulet From Item

  • You can remove Shadow Amulet from item and use it later again
  1. In Demonville chest - Insert Item you wanna remove shadow amulets from
  2. Use chest again ,Choose which SA you wanna remove
  3. Pay 200 000gp per shadow amulet removed
  4. Dont forget to take the items from chest

List of Shadow Amulets

Shadow Amulet Properties Buy[Part] Price[Copper] Drop Dungeon Detailed Info
SA of Abilities +1STR/DEX/CON/INT/WIS/CHA 3rd 100 1st 2nd ?? Gives +1 [Stat] onto Item
SA of Keen Apply KEEN on any weapon Complete Amulet 100 1st 2nd 3rd Ruins of Tehyart Gives Keen on Any weapon + gloves + ranged weapons
SA of Vampiric regen +1Vamp regen 3rd 25 1st 2nd ??? Can be used all together on one weapon. (you cannot insert +1 +1 , but you can insert +1 +2 etc. )
+2Vamp regen 3rd 50 1st 2nd ???
+3Vamp regen 3rd 100 1st 2nd ???
+4Vamp regen 3rd 200 1st 2nd ???
SA of Skills Gives certain “skill” +1 Complete Amulet ??? Gives +1skill onto item
SA of Vorpal Gives 5%chance to slay enemy instantly on crit hit 3rd 500 1st 2nd Moria and Frotrpa /??
SA of Greater Vorpal Gives 10%chance to slay enemy instantly on crit hit 3rd 1000 1st 2nd Vault /??
SA Mighty +5/+10/+15/+20 +5Mighty 3rd 50 1st 2nd Haunted Rock And Spiders
+10 Mighty 3rd 100 1st 2nd Haunted Rock And Spiders
+15 Mighty 3rd 300 1st 2nd ???
+20 Mighty 3rd 500 1st 2nd BlackBurrow
SA of AC +1/+2/+3/+4 +1AC 3rd 50 1st 2nd Black Raven Order
+2AC 3rd 100 1st 2nd ??
+3AC 3rd 150 1st 2nd Cultists HC
+4AC 3rd ??? 1st 2nd Iceberg
SA of Double stack Gives +50ammo stack onto throwing weapons 3rd 40 1st 2nd Haunted rock You can use it on one generator multiple times
SA of Weight reduction Reduce item weight by 20% Complete amulet 30
Reduce item weight by 40% 3rd 25 1st 2nd Sandlizard
Reduce item weight by 80%. 3rd 50 1st 2nd ???
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