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A major rework of the epic spells is finally done. Basically, epic spells are no longer taken as feats, but must be learned. To gain access to the epic spells, you need to take new feat Epic Spellcasting.

Epic Spellcasting

Type of Feat: Epic, General
Prerequisite: Spellcraft 24 ranks, Lore 24 ranks, ability to cast 9th-level arcane or divine spells
Specifics: You may develop and cast epic spells. You may cast a number of epic spells per day equal to your ranks in Lore divided by 10.
Use: Automatic.

With this feat you get the option to learn the epic spell and also configure the epic spell slots. Now, the vanilla epic spells will be available in Numismatic branch in Kattinwell for copper. The books with epic spells will also drop in loot. This means that healer's epic spells are no longer available “for free” and needs to be looted first. On the other hand, character can memorize most of the epic spells into more then one slot. Once you acquire a book with an epic spell, you need to find an area that lets you learn it (this is kind of the quest, so I won't say where). Each epic spell also has certain requirements on Spellcraft DC, XP above level, GP to learn it. It also takes quite a lot of ingame time where you mustn't leave the area otherwise the learning process is canceled.

Note: Palemaster/bard build can no longer get epic spells as this build doesn't fulfill the requirement of the Epic Spellcasting feat.
Note2: Old characters should be able to login normally. Epic spells they took previously will also be working normally under old rules. However, if you choose to relevel, you will no longer be able to choose them anymore. Keep that in mind.
Note3: The placeable for learning epic spells has been added to the test area. The vanilla epic spells books are also available in store so you can test it.

Many custom epic spells exists.

Epic spell List

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