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All Ability Buffs (Bull's Strength, Endurance, Cat's Grace, Owl's Wisdom, Fox's Cunning, Eagle's Splendor)

+ will now grant +4 to given ability
- can no longer be empowered or maximized

Divine Favor

- attack and damage bonus is now capped to +3 at caster level 9

Divine Power

- no longer grants AB bonus + extra attacks, but changes BAB for real thus the bonus to AB is not counting towards +20 AB cap

Bigby's Forceful Hand

- spell moved to 9th level

Bigby's Clenching Hand

+ spell moved to 6th level

Isaac's Lesser Missile Storm

- number of missiles reduced to 7

Isaac's Greater Missile Storm

- number of missiles reduced to 14


- spell has material component - Rogue Stone

Greater Sanctuary

- duration 4 rounds (8 extended)
- spell has a 4minutes long recast cooldown

Darkfire / Flame Weapon

- both spells adds fire damage onto weapon directly as a bonus fire damage instead of onhit, the bonus damage is capped at 6 points

Healing Sting

+ removed the saving throw


- spell school changed from Transmutation to Conjuration
- failure equals to death, immunity to death magic is ignored

Sunbeam / Sunburst

+ both spells deals positive damage now

Planar Ally

+ other summons balanced to be of equal strength as hound archon


- affects caster as well, good positioning is required

Find Traps

- spell now rolls d20+spell DC against trap detect DC and disarm DC

Death Ward

+ also grants immunity to ability drain, energy drain and negative damage


- can only be cast and can unlock only a single target

Undeath Eternal Foe

+ also grants immunity to curse

Greater Restoration

- no longer heals any hitpoints
+ can remove our custom bleeding debuff (50% healing reduction and some damage each round)


- heals 10 hitpoints per caster level up to maximum 150 hp

Mass Heal

- heals 10 hitpoints per caster level up to maximum 250 hp


- inflict 10 negative damage per caster level up to maximum 150 damage
- will save 1/2

Protection from Elements, Resist Elements, Endure Elements, Energy Buffer

- spells will now absorb maximum damage by any elements (normally all of them) up to the limit then disappears, this means that if the character is protected with Protection from Elements (30limit 40max) and is hit with 20acid and 20fire, the spell will absorb both damages but then disappears


- after successful touch attack, caster creates a poison that drains 1d10 points of constitution, DC 10 + 1/2 caster level + wisdom modifier, one minute later if the poison isn't removed it drains another 1d10 points of constitution (against same DC)

Wall of Fire

- wall now deals 2d6 fire damage +1 per caster level (maximum +20), additionally undead enemies takes double damage

Tenser Transformation

-Spell now works like in DnD, ie: fighter BAB like Divine Power (and just like Divine Power on Arkhalia, it is not counting towards +20 AB cap) +4 str, con, dex, +4 natural ac, +5 fort, simple and martial weapon proficiency bonus feats and 100% spell failure for the duration of the buff. A special Tenser Icon will show up in left top corner which allows to end the spell prematurely on demand.

Note: all changes reserved. Making build specifically based on this new spell is on your own risk as the spell might be nerfed anytime.

Sanctuary, Healing Circle, Circle of Doom, Nature's Balance, Negative Energy Protection, Owl's Insight, Awaken

x removed

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