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Brew Potion

+ allows to create stronger and more useful potions, max spell level that can be used is still 3 though

Scribe Scroll

- these spells cannot be scribed: Raise Dead, Resurrection, Greater Sanctuary, Greater Restoration, Heal, Harm, all Bigby's hands,

Epic Spell

+ epic spells can be acquired from books, these books are however very rare so build accordingly

Blinding Speed

+ grants permanent, undispellable haste

Divine Might

~ has different VFX when used by BG

Circle Kick

+ returns focus to original target currently nonfunctional, DO NOT TAKE THIS FEAT!

Terrifying rage

- DC is 10+1/2 barbarian class level+intimidate ranks/5
- each npc rolls only once

Hail of Arrows

- character shoots only targets in 30meter radius, however the feat now performs real attacks which uses bow ammunition and deal real damage

Epic Toughness

- grants 30 hitpoints

Epic Prowess

- can be taken multiple times, up to an Epic Prowess X

Lasting Inspiration

- Duration of song +20 rounds ( maximum 10base + 20lasting +5 lingering + items )

Weapon Focus and Epic weapon focus

Now you dont choose single weapon, but instead you choose “group” of weapons.

Greater Ruin,Hellball , Epic spells

Removed from the game, now avaible as epic spell book. Check Epic Spells

SimpleSickle,Gloves / Unarmed,Mace,Club,Quarterstaff
Light BladesDagger,Shortsword,Rapier
Heavy BladesLongsword,Scimitar,Greatsword
Exotic BladesBastard,Falchion,Katana
AxesHandaxe,BattleAxe,Dwarven Waraxe,Great Axe
HammersLight Hammer,Warhammer,Maul
Flails and ChainsLight Flail,Heavy Flail,Morningstar,Whip
Double WeaponsDouble Axe,Two-Bladed Sword,Dire Mace
Throwing WeaponsShurikens,Darts,Throwing Axes,Sling
CrossbowsLight Crossbow,Heavy Crossbow,Repeating Crossbow
SpellsTouch Attack Melee,Touch Attack Ranged
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