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Here you will find summarized tips, tutorials and answered important questions for all newcomers. More complex changes to the rules / professions / feats …. can be found on our Wiki (

1. Test location

There is an opportunity to try the build in our test location, where you get on level 40, get equipment and you can test combat on dummies. All you have to do is write anywhere in the character's name [test]

2. Builds

Our server is more action-oriented and focused on combat, players on our server already have a lot of proven builds (toons) so dont be afraid to ask for any of them as start-up. There are dozens of dungeons on Arkhalie, and the main attraction is, of course, the endgame - or dungeons on the 40th lvl. We recommend you to consult your characters with other players so that your character does end up in the trash 😉

3. Ask!

Don't be afraid to ask anything here on the discord. We will be happy to advise!

4. Fast travel

Arkhalia offers the possibility of fast travel between cities (teleportation wands) and the possibility to “bind your soul” at the altar, where you will appear at death, or you can teleport to it.

5. Player menu

Explore the player menu. Right click on your character.

6. Upgrading items

Arkhalia offers tons of items - equipment, craft items, support items, shadow amulets (will be explained below), so there is a lot of loot and it's just waiting for you! Most items can be upgraded to a better version - you can recognize these items by having a blue label and its maximum level is purple. There are 2 mechanics to improve the items.
Gem upgrades: 4: 1 for a better version in the craft box that is bought from NPCs
Equipment upgrades: in a 3: 1 ratio in a magic box in one of the cities (search :))
Improving non-slot weapons: 3: 1 - 4: 1 depending on the current level of the weapon in the magic box in one of the cities

7. Shadow amulets

Shadow amulets is an extra mechanics of Arkhalie, which allows you to insert new properties into existing objects (for example +1 str, keen on the weapon, + hp, + resist, etc.) Shadow amulets are in most cases divided into 3 parts - 2 of them in loot and 3. you buy from NPCs
Shadow amulets are inserted into objects using NPCs and for a fee.
(Note: for example, the amulet +1 str does not add up to the fix property of the equipement - for example the belt of str, etc., etc. / Shadow amulets does not stack!

8. Exclusive currency - coppers

Arkhalia has two currencies - classic gp (vanilla) and then copper. Coppers (better versions silver and gold) are used primarily to buy exclusive items from NPCs and trade between players (or at the Player Market)

9. NPC Stores

There is an NPC trader in every city and everyone has something different. There are also hidden traders with a special offer 😉

10. Bank

In the Bank you have 3 chests available - one is persistent (shared with all characters in the account) and 2 you have personal only for one character
You will also find safes in the bank, which are used to switch items between characters with a mechanism that prevents someone from choosing it after locking 😉 - yes, twinking is completely legal!
You can also deposit money to a banker and they will be shared between the characters in the account.

11. Special NPC services

There are NPCs that can fix your head, or lengthen your hair, can dye you green, or there are those who can change your alignment for a small fee.

12. Vouchers

In the game, you will come across vouchers that provide special services or benefits.
for example - change of weapon specialization, voucher for a certain number of exp, voucher for complete relevel characters - these items are very popular and rare among players

13. We have a craft - BUT!

We recently launched a craft - it's a bit in beta. Most functionalities can undergo radical changes. However, we will be happy for any feedback.

14. Progress

Some dungeons have so-called progress - basically protection against speedrun 🙂 = the room with the boss is unlocked only after reaching 80% of progress = a certain amount of enemies are killed.

15. Slot weapons and gems

Slot weapons can be purchased up to +5 from NPCs.
Better versions can be only lootet in dungeons
The ILR is limited to gems that can be inserted into slot weapons.

16. Quests

Although it is not our dominant feature, you will find quests on Arkhalia, it is a thing that we are still working on and we are gradually trying to add new ones. Our quests are sometimes completely intuitive and sometimes very ruthless and with almost minimal help.

17. Bug Report

If you find any bug, exploit etc. share it please in bugs-and-suggestions

18. Personal loot

Almost most loot boxes (in the dungeons) have a green label and thus signal a personal loot = mechanics that will generate a loot for each one separately. (It is not necessary to divide at the end of the dungeon)

19. Removal of gems and shadow amulets

Gems and shadow amulets can be removed from equip and reused for a fee. You can achieve this in another magic box in one of the cities.

20. Prestige classes

Most of the new prestige classes (listed on the wiki) can only be unlocked after obtaining a special item in the game - books. The book must be in inventory, and after you take the first level of the profession, it will disappear. These books can be bought for coppers or can be found in the loot.

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