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Champion of Corellon

Ex-Champions or Corellon
Few Champions of Corellon Larethian ever turn to evil, but it occasionally happens. If your alignment changes to evil, you are expelled from the order and lose the supernatural abilities derived from this class (Corellon's Blessing and Corellon's Wrath). However, you are not barred from gaining more levels in this class if you so desire. You can continue to refine the combat techniques you have learned, but you cannot make use of the class's supernatural abilities.

Hit Die: d10.
Proficiencies: The Champion of Corellon gains no weapon or armor proficiency.
Skill Points: 2 + Int Modifier.
Primary Saving throw(s): fortitude, will.
Base Attack Bonus: +1/level.


Race: Any elven or half-elven.
Alignment: Any non-evil.
Feats: Martial Weapon Proficiency, Heavy Armor Proficiency, Dodge, Expertise, Weapon Focus with Longsword
Skills: Lore 2, Persuade 4.
Base Attack Bonus: +7.
Special: Must worship Corellon Larethian. (Clerics taking this class must have two of the following domains: Good, Magic, Protection, War)
Special: A book of Champion of Corellon is required to unlock the class.


1: Corellon's Blessing, Bonus Feat
2: Superior Defense +1
3: Elegant Strike
4: Superior Defense +2, Bonus Feat
5: Unimpeded Movement
6: Superior Defense +3
7: Bonus Feat
8: Superior Defense +4
9: Corellon's Wrath
10: Superior Defense +5, Bonus Feat

Superior Defense:
Increase Maximum dexterity bonus of Medium or Heavy Armor by +1(for masterwork armor as well)
With Masterwork armor +2max bonus and superior defense +5 the Cap is +7Maximum dex bonus)

Elegant strike:
apply your dexterity modifier as bonus on damage rolls with longsword,scim or Rapier in addition to your Strenght bonus
(This bonus cannot exceed str bonus)

Unimpeded Movement:
You can use spring attack while using medium or heavy armor and you dont loose speed. (Arkhalia has no Movement speed penalty, this feat does nothing)

Correlon's Wrath
use: 3+ Charisma Mod
Duration: 1round
Adds +2ab and 2d6 Divine dmg (the weapon gets Good-aligned)

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