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Warlocks are born, not made. Their ancestors traded portions of their soul for magical power, and warlocks inherit this power. Unlike sorcerers or wizards, rather than harnessing magic through the guidelines of a spell, they manipulate the supernatural energy infusing them with will alone. The demand to further the goals of the originators of the pact, or to fight them, drives many to adventuring.

Hit Die: d6
Proficiencies: Warlocks are proficient with simple weapons and light armor.
Skill Points: 2 + Int Modifier(x4 at 1st level)
Primary Saving throw(s): will.
Base Attack Bonus: +3/4 levels.

Alignment: Chaotic or Evil only.
Base Attack Bonus: +3/4
Strong Saves: Will

Eldritch Blast: The first ability a warlock learns is the eldritch blast; a 60' ray of magical energy. It has no saving throw, but is affected by spell resistance and requires a touch attack. Certain types of invocations can modify it, and it increases in damage as level increases.

Damage Reduction: Fortified by the supernatural power flowing through his body, a warlock gains damage reduction 1/+1
at level 3. This reduction increases by 1 point every 4 levels.

Deceive Item:
A warlock can use his mastery of the supernatural forces infusing his soul to make up for lack of knowledge. From 4th level on, a warlock can take 10 on all Use Magic Device checks, even in combat.

Fiendish Resilience: Beginning at 8th level, a warlock knows the trick of fiendish resilience. For 2 minutes each day, they gain fast healing, with the amount increasing at levels 13 and 18.

Energy Resistance: Beginning at 10th level a warlock chooses 2 elemental energies and gains resistance 5 to them. This resistance increases to 10 at level 20.

Imbue Item: A warlock of 12th level or higher can “fake it” when crafting magic items, suffusing the item with supernatural power and attempting to emulate the required spell(though the warlock must still have the appropriate feat). A successful UMD check, vs DC 15 + spell level for arcane spells of DC 25 + spell level for divine spells, allows a single spell requirement to be passed. If any of the UMD check fails, the warlock does not lose gold or xp and the crafting fails.

Invocations: These are spell-like abilities. Any of them that are known can be used at will, but otherwise act like spells, such as in regards to casting in combat, or spell resistance. Casting level is the warlock's class level, and those that grant saves have a DC of 10 + the equivalent spell level + the warlock's Cha modifier.
They come in 4 grades: least(2nd), lesser(4th), greater(6th), and dark(8th). Warlocks start with knowledge of a single least invocation, and gain access to more as below. At levels 6, 11, and 16 they also unlock the next level of invocation, but they can select invocations of any level equal to or less than their highest level of access.
Invocations are also subject to arcane spell failure, but warlocks ignore spell failure in light armor.


Epic warlocks are supernatural power incarnate, retaining only the barest shred of their previous existence. Their damage reduction increases by 1 at level 23 and every 4 levels thereafter. They learn no new invocations normally, but their invoker level continues to increase. Their Eldritch Blast damage increases by 1d6 at level 22, and increases every 2 levels thereafter. They also gain a bonus feat every 3 levels.


Extra epic invocation 1-10
fiendish Resilince 1-10
Eldricht Sculptor
Lord of all essence

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