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Worshipers of the Orc deity Gruumsh that have put out their own right eye in a bloody and painful ritual. These living martyrs to Gruumsh are some of the toughest orcs and half-orcs in the world.
The eye of Gruumsh is a true prestige class in the sense that all orcs respect those who achieve it.
Barbarians gain the most value from this prestige class, since it encourages raging as a fighting style

Hit Die: d12
Proficiencies: Simple and Martial Weapons, Light, and Medium Armor Proficiency, Shields
Skill Points: 2 + Int Modifier.
Primary Saving throw(s): fortitude.
Base Attack Bonus: +1/level.


Alignment: Chaotic evil, choatic neutral, or neutral evil.
Race: Half-Orc or Orc
Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Double Axe), Weapon Focus (Double Axe).
Base Attack Bonus: +6


1: Blind-Fight.
Command the Horde
Rage 1/day.
2. Swing Blindly - The character's rage's become more powerful granting a +4 strength bonus, while also suffering a -4 armor bonus while raging.
3: Ritual Scarring - Through frequent disfiguration of his own skin, the eye of Gruumsh gains a +1 natural armor bonus.
4: Blinding Spittle - The character can spit their stomach acid into a target's eyes 2/day.
Rage 2/day.
5: Blindsight - The character gains blindsight in a 5 foot radius.
6: Ritual Scarring - The eye of Gruumsh's natural armor bonus increases to +2.
7: Blinding Spittle 4/day.
8: Blindsight 10 foot radius.
Rage 3/day.
9: Ritual Scarring - The eye of Gruumsh's natural armor bonus increases to +3.
10: Sight of Gruumsh - The character gains a +2 morale bonus on all saving throws.

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